Financial Compliance

To setup business abroad, companies face challenges: unpredictability of time and costs, legal risks, even language barriers. It takes time to find right professionals, to learn and implement all local regulations, to manage costs, avoid capital investments and to remain flexible. To mitigate these risks, save time and money, most global companies outsource experienced professionals, one stop shop, who specialize and have in house expertise with predictable and competitive rates.

We specialize and focus our business model to help foreign companies to operate in Lithuania. We developed a multilingual team with expertise and experience in legal, regulatory, financial and tax operations. We can open, help to run it, supervise and relocate your business.

Our financial compliance services include:

  • Legal, tax, operational and financial structuring consulting
  • Financial planning
  • Investment and post – investment operation, supervisory management
  • Internal Audit and Managerial Reports
  • Compliance
  • Business Relocation
  • Structuring of the reporting process